Using 2 Powermax converters on one battery?

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Thread: Using 2 Powermax converters on one battery?

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    Using 2 Powermax converters on one battery?

    I'll try to make this as short as I can.

    I have 2 - 55 amp Powermax converters. The area where my batteries are located is pretty cramped and I pretty much just have room for 1 cranking and 1 deep cycle battery. I want to run my trolling motor and lights off the single deep cycle battery with converter(s) going to that battery to keep them going.

    I am running 8 - 50W and 2 - 100W LEDS, and a 55# trolling motor - all at 12V

    Is it possible to use BOTH 55 amp convertors hooked to the single battery to effectively give the equivalent of a single 110 amp converter, or does it not work that way and I just need to replace the 2 converters a single converter (120 amp)?


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    Yea, but the heat may be the limiting factor. Also make sure the output voltage is as close as possible to each other.

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    I didn't think of heat as an issue. I'll see if it does that next time I test it. I have a good volt meter so I should be able to match the voltage pretty much exactly.

    I hooked up all my lights and troller to one battery with both 55 amp converters going to that battery and it would only reliably run 6 - 50 W and 2 - 100 W lights. If I added the other 2 50's back in, one of the two diodes in one of the 100's would go out and a couple of the 50's would dim/flicker. I guess the lights are pulling a bit more amps than I estimated?

    I could try switching out one of the 55's for a bigger one. I think even the 120 by itself might not have enough juice. So if I got a 100 amp + one of my existing 55 amp converters (theoretical 155 amp max), nothing's going to blow up right?

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    Lets take a look at it from an electrical standpoint. 8x50w = 400w, 2x100w = 200w so you have 600w in lights 600w/12v = 50 amps of draw. According to Minn Kota a 12v 55# troller draws a max of 50 amps. For a total of 100 amps.

    From what I've read and heard you want your total amp draw to be 80% of your converters total amps. So you would want a converter with at least 125 amps.

    There are also several other factors you will want to take into account. You also want to turn the max voltage on your powermax converters down to reduce the risk of frying the board on your trolling motor. This will reduce or slow down the speed at which your converters can charge the battery (not sure if it changes the max amps or not.) The wiring and how you have your lights wired will also factor into light performance. The length of wire and the amount of watts on each run will cause some voltage loss.

    Hope this helps.

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