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Run down this list.

Fishing line around the prop and behind it, there's a good probability you may have damagaed the prop shaft seal. I had to cut a week long trip short last year to go home and rebuilt my lower with new seals and fluid change. Unscrew the lower drain plug n check the color of the gear oil. Any light to milky color and you've gotten water in the lower. If it hasn't locked up your fine, just need to replace seals n fluid change.

If the motor is smoking and has gotten hot, it's not getting enough water. My guess is it'll start up from a cold start n run until u put it under load a good bit. For me it was about n hr of fishing and it started doing it again. Basically what happened is the first time it got hot it started melting the water impeller. The water pump case got hot and melted a seal on mine as well. So next I would drop the lower unit and make sure the water pump and impeller is good to go. Quick n good price of mind to check reguardless. Btw, the water pissed fine when cold and on muffs at the house so I thought I fixed it, as I pushed it while fishing the impeller would heat up start sticking. I would just put a new one ina no keep the old for a spare if it's still ok. A kit is cheap on boats.net

After those and it's been a couple yrs like u said, I would pull and clean carbs n new plugs as yearly PM. If my Nissan kicker isn't running right, I've had it apart so much that I go straight to dropping the carb and clearing the jets. No matter how many filters I have in the system there always seems to get a smal particle of junk in the main or secondary jet. I'm pretty proud as I can now tear it down and have it running again, while on the boat, in just a few minutes.
I'm gonna go through the carbs, put in new spark plugs, and check the compression tonight. As far as the water pump goes I am pretty sure thats not the problem. It gets a new one every season and this one is just a few trips old. Even when the engine was not running properly it was still peeing so hard that it does not have any arc in the stream. Just a solid jet of water coming out of the indicator.